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Project Description

The goal of the project is to provide a collection of msbuild tasks to compile, build and deploy Dynamics Ax.

Tasks planned in 1st version

  • AxXpoImport - import xpo files in a given layer
  • AxCompile - compile application
  • AxInstall - install Ax - current version only supports database install

  • DataImport - import data
  • LoadLicense - load a license file
  • SyncDb - syncronize db

Example project uploaded!

An example project was uploaded today, project uses MSBuildCommunityTasks ( library and CombineXPOs tool. The project have the following targets:
  1. Prebuild - use msbuild community tasks stop AOS, delete aod files and start AOS again
  2. Get - using vss and version tasks, generate a build number, get, combine and copy a combined xpo to a build no. folder
  3. Import - import xpo file to ax, current implementation generate the log file in c:\, create also autorun.xml file used to import the combined xpo file
  4. CompileAll - run compile all in application, log file is created in defauld ax client log folder

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